Friday, May 26, 2006

Making Moves for Memorial Day

Last year on Memorial Day weekend, I was about 25 weeks pregnant. I was just beginning to really feel Jayla moving in my belly. We took a trip to Memphis with family and they spent the better part of the weekend with their hands on my belly in anticipation of Jayla giving them a swift kick.

This Memorial Day weekend, Jayla is again moving - only this time in the form of a crawl. Maybe it has something to do with the conversation that I had with her on Wednesday: "Baby girl, you are 9 months old today. You really need to figure this crawling thing out already." Or maybe it is the fact that her newly developed separation anxiety requires her to cry every time the mere thought of leaving the room that she is in enters my mind. On several occasions this week, I have told her that if she could just crawl, then she could follow me around the house.

Whatever the reason, she saw something she wanted on the floor last night and crawled (very slowly and unsturdily) across the family room to get to it. That thing was our stereo system that has shiny bright lights. Yes, it's currently on the floor. Yes, we will spend our Memorial Day weekend baby proofing our house.

Friday, May 12, 2006


She's not quite crawling but, she can scoot to where she wants to go.

She's not quite walking but, she managed to participate in the March of Dimes. Here she is after that feat (notice she's wearing a very small version of the company t-shirt - it was cute!):