Monday, September 08, 2008


Tonight marked the return of dance classes...for Jayla, that is. Everyone else started back on August 4. But, seriously? That was way too early for me, especially considering the recital wasn't until June 22. I needed more than just a six week break after all that Jayla put me through during the last dance season. I have a feeling that this year will be much better. Mainly because I'm not the one taking her on Monday least not this semester. Instead, daddy will be taking her to dance class while I'm driving home from College Station. As I drove home tonight, in fact, I was hoping to get a cute picture of her first day in her new dance ensemble. But, daddy had already changed her back into her school uniform by the time I got home. So, it was not to be. Instead, how about some more birthday girl pictures?

I completely forgot to light the candles. So, we all sang Happy Birthday to Jayla then she immediately drew in a deep breath as if to prepare to blow out of her candles. And it's hilarious in the video because she looks at me, looks at the cake, and then looks at me like, "Hey!". It was a good 5-10 seconds before I realized what the problem was. So, then we went the through the same drama as last year of trying to find something with which to light her candles. But, we finally got them lit and Jayla got to hear us all sing Happy Birthday to her again. She was able to blow out her candles the second time around though.

Can I also add that one of Jayla's requirements for her party was that everyone wear a party hat? And can I tell you that every single person at the party had on a ridiculous Power Puff Girls (don't ask!) party hat!?!? Everyone from my almost-60-year-old dad to the 11-month-old baby. It cracked me up! But, she was in heaven and that's what matters.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Seven Years

Back in 2000 when I was trying to pick a wedding date, I remember thinking that Labor Day weekend would be perfect. Since we were getting married in Mississippi, a state where neither of us lived, a holiday weekend would be more likely to bring our friends and family from North Carolina and Mississippi. Plus, wouldn't it be cool to always get a day off around our anniversary! We could go on a trip every year!

And that first anniversary, we did just that. We took a 5-ish day trip to Southern California. The only thing I remember about it was watching the fireworks at Disneyland every night. The second year we were in St. Louis for a friend's wedding. I do remember that we stayed downtown in a hotel instead of at my in-laws' house. It made it seem more like we were on a vacation. And then the third year, we went to San Antonio. That trip was the first time that we ever seriously talked about actually having a real-live child. And by the fourth anniversary, she was with us...that was a bittersweet anniversary as we were able to go to dinner together but, we had an 8-day-old child in the NICU that dominated our thoughts and conversation for the evening. Then the 5th year...St. Louis again and we spent the evening with the friends who share our anniversary. The 6th year we were in Mississippi for my family reunion. And then today...our seventh anniversary.

Today was the first anniversary that we did not spend the entire day together. I was here for the morning but, had to go to school this afternoon/evening. I probably will not remember much about our seventh anniversary. There was just nothing about today that has the potential to stand out in the future. But, nevertheless, it is the only day that will ever mark our 7th year as husband and wife so, I guess it'll be special for that reason. I've often heard that the seventh year is the hardest. So, I guess I'm glad to be over that hump and really, if that's as hard as it gets then we just might make it for the long haul...