Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Why is it snowing in Houston!?!? We've lived here for almost 8 years and this is the first time we've seen it snow here. It did snow on Christmas Eve four years ago but, we were out of town for the holiday. My husband and I have been trying to figure out all night if this is Jayla's first time seeing snow. I think it is. He can't remember and that is why it is important to document things that you may not even think you'll care to remember. So, here's Jayla and her daddy tonight during (what we're calling) her first snow, trying to get a little taste...

And a little bonus footage just because she was hamming it up for the camera tonight:

That's also her daddy's that she's wearing. She looked ridiculous but, her head was warm.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

19 weeks: the verdict

Well, we had our ultrasound on Monday and I've already lost the ultrasound pictures. Yet, I could probably locate Jayla's pictures in about 30 seconds. Anyway, the radiology department at the hospital has been completely remodeled. But, this did not make the operation any quicker. They even had little coaster-shaped pagers like they do at restaurants where as 3.5 years ago, they just yelled my name out into a crowded room of people waiting to get treatments that are far less exciting than merely getting to look at a perfectly healthy fetus.

Anyway, I'm stalling and fat and starting to actually feel pregnant. That last part is a good thing because I'm leaning closer and closer to scheduling the delivery of this baby for exactly 20 weeks from today - April 22, 2009. It really is such the perfect date for our family, if you are a numbers nerd like me. It will mean that all four of us were born in even months (me in February(2), baby in April(4), daddy in June(6), and Jayla in August(8)) and we have consecutive dates (daddy the 21st, baby the 22nd, me the 23rd, and Jayla the 24th). That numerical perfection in itself is enough for me to schedule the repeat c-section today!

Anyway, I'll go ahead and tell you what you came to hear and that is that I will be housing another girl within my body for the next 20 weeks or so. Jayla's response: "I told you so!" (she literally said that as soon as the ultrasound technician told us what we were looking at on that fuzzy screen). Daddy's response: "Well, at least she's a healthy baby..." Personally, I'm pretty excited that Jayla will get the sister that she's been talking about throughout this entire pregnancy. And also praying that maybe Jayla's sister has just a little bit more of Daddy's personality because I do not think this house can hold three females that act like me!