Saturday, July 26, 2008

I think she may be starting to look three

Exhibit A: Jayla at the Houston Comets game tonight...

She looks like a real-live little girl. I have no idea when this happened.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Almost Three

My child will be three years old in a month. I've been thinking about this for the past few days as I'm attempting to plan her birthday party. It is so entirely cliche to talk about how fast it has gone by but, it really really has. I remember telling someone last year about how fast the second year had gone by compared to the first. And oh my goodness, I was so not prepared for how fast this third year would go by even compared to the second. It is unreal.

And I say I can't believe my baby is almost three but, at the same time, she picks out her clothes now. That has been her thing lately - I am not allowed to pick out what she is going to wear nor does she tolerate me helping her to actually put the clothes on her body. She demands the opportunity to do it on her own. The best thing about this? The girl knows how to put together an outfit. I'm really not too worried about what she decides that she wants to wear because it is bound to be something that is relatively cute together.

Even this morning...I was worried about what she might bring out of her room to show me because most of her outfits that were bought together as an outfit and obviously go together are in the dirty clothes hamper. I was relieved to see that she decided on a solid yellow shirt and solid blue bottoms. She's never worn those two pieces together but, neither were they offensive together. So, yes, my child is at school right now wearing the third outfit that she has picked out and dressed herself in this week. I'm thinking that's a very "three" thing to do...sort of like her rite of passage into the club.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Company Picnics: The Next Generation

This past Saturday, my little family and I attended my husband's company picnic. They do it every year but, this year was the best yet. It reminded me so much of when I used to go to my dad's company picnics as a little girl. They were always in September, right after school started back. Their picnics were a big deal because almost everyone I knew in our small town had at least one parent that worked at the same company where my dad worked. So, "everyone" was there. I think they used to call it "Friends and Family Day" or something like that...and it was a blast.

It's still weird to me to think that twenty years have passed since then and now my own child will be gathering the same type of memories as we continue to do things like this year after year. This morning out of the blue she started talking about when we went to the "beach" and I helped her dive under the water and daddy helped her swim. "Yes, baby, I remember that too...and also, it was H&H Ranch in Northeast Houston but, you're quite welcome to call it the beach if you'd like."

Thursday, July 10, 2008

He has know idea that I am posting this

Oh wow - I didn't realize that I haven't posted anything since June! Life for us has been incredibly normal and not terribly busy but far from boring. In other words, it's been very nice around here lately. And since I really don't have anything else to say, I leave you with the most entertaining aspect of our 4th of July holiday.

We went to a "block party" at our church and played BINGO like the old people that we have apparently become. My husband managed to win a round of BINGO after I left him with my card, having deemed it to be a complete loser and incapable of giving me a simple BINGO. Given the opportunity to pick any prize he wanted, he jumped at these sunglasses/straw and procedeed to drink his lemonade through it. As he drank, the liquid circulated through all of the plastic you see on his face. It worked but, he reported a strange plastic-y taste to his drink. But what is really important here is that I laugh every single time I look at him with those ridiculous things on...

Jayla even joined in the fun: