Monday, July 13, 2009


My great-great grandmother died on May 21, 1979 at 84 years old. I was 3 months old. For her funeral, I made my second trip from my home in Ohio to Mississippi where 90% of my family resides. The first trip to Mississippi occurred when I was about 6 weeks old. The trip was for the specific purpose of me meeting my great-great grandmother. Mama Delie (as everyone called her) had been sick with cancer but, promised my mom that she would hold on to see her child born. And she did. That means that there were 5 generations living at one time on my mom's side of the family. And in my mom's infinite 23-year-old wisdom, she did not document me meeting my great-great grandmother in photograph form.

Three weeks ago, we flew to Chicago (both girls were amazingly well-behaved and non-commotion-causing on the flights!!) and drove over to Milwaukee for a family reunion. We flew into Chicago so that we could visit with my grandmother there. She has been sick and decided that she did not want to drive to Milwaukee for the reunion. So, we came to her. It was Tamyra's first time meeting her great-grandmother. And we managed to get a 4 generations picture of my grandmother and her only daughter, my mom with both of her daughters, and of course, me with both of my daughters:

Mama Delie's granddaughter, great-granddaughter, great-great granddaughters, and great-great-great granddaughters.

And I have to note that in full-circle fashion, Jayla was born on what would have been Mama Delie's 110th birthday.

My daughters are also blessed to have a great-great grandmother still living. My husband's great-grandmother lives in Milwaukee so, we also got to visit with her while we were there. More photo opportunities! Here they are...Jayla and Tamyra with their great-great grandmother, Mother Dear (on the left):

The lady on the right is "Sister", almost like a stand-in for her sister "Suga-doo", my husband's deceased grandmother.

I hope my girls appreciate these pictures one day because not everyone gets these types of opportunities.