Monday, June 14, 2010

He DOES care about the small things...

So, the girls and I are attending Vacation Bible School at our church this week. Today was the first day.

Tamyra spent a nice chunk of the three hours screaming her head off in the nursery because the nursery volunteers dared to sit other babies beside her at the table to eat.

And Jayla made me so proud with her answer to the question "What do you pray to God about?". Her answer: "a pretty pink bow with sparkles on it".

It's going to be a fun week...

Monday, June 07, 2010

Mississippi Report

Well, I just got off the phone with Jayla for the third night in a row. She is having a BLAST at my parents house. She tells the stories of her day with such enthusiasm in this grown-up voice that I never hear when she is talking to me in person. She doesn't sound like she's spent the bulk of the day whining and complaining the way that she does at home. Instead, she sounds refreshed, rejuvenated, and obedient. This trip is turning out to be a really good experience for her.

Yesterday it was a ride on the carousel and a couple of pushes in the park. Today it was the zoo with her first cousin, a ride on the train, and some bike riding with another cousin. And tomorrow it's a trip to the waterpark with Grandma and Papa. With every report that she gives me, she's more and more excited; and today I got to hear "I love you and I miss you", unprompted. Maybe this trip is turning out to be a really good experience for me too.