Monday, April 30, 2007

It finally happened...

For the past few weeks, Jayla has consistently been found in her bedroom with one leg draped over the railing of her crib in a half-hearted attempt to free herself from her crib at will. Well, last night, she finished the deed. Jayla climbed out of her crib, which can, of course, only be read as "Jayla fell out of her crib". I think it's somewhat of a rite of passage for a toddler. Let the downward spiral into the Terrible Two's gets more and more fun every day. (Seriously.)

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Jayla's First Kiss

Yesterday. In the park. With an older man. He was reportedly 2.5 years old. In front of both mommies. Jayla was holding a random hamburger patty and had red jello smeared all over her face even. And all the little guy had to say to get his kiss was, "I think you're cute"...oh yeah - and he followed her around the park in a trance for a while (to show his undying committment to her, I guess). But, still, I probably need to have a talk with her about her "friendliness" pretty soon...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On Coming Back...

So, you all should know by now that I have a bad habit of posting regularly for a month or so and then forgetting that I have a blog for several months...rinse, repeat. It's not that I forget that I have a blog. It's just that after I haven't posted in a while, nothing seems worthy of posting. Nothing is the "hey, I'm back!" post that I'm looking for. The things I've thought about posting in the past few weeks:
  • A countdown of the number of weekdays until August 21 (90 as of today) because really, that date consumes my life right now
  • Jayla can jump - as in both of her feet consistently leave the floor simultaneously at her will
  • Jayla attended her first McDonald's birthday party for a little boy in her class. It should surprise no one that she spent the entire time eating french fries and cake and drinking the infamous McDonald's orange drink while all of the other kids played on the indoor equipment. She ate everything off all of the plates that the other little kids left at the table when they went to play. It cracked me up because clearly, she is my child.
  • I have been a single parent for the past two days. I can apparently officially take care of my child all by myself (which I honestly had no confidence that I could successfully do) - at least for two days while my husband is in New Orleans for work. But, really, Thank God he's back!
  • Also? A list of all the words that Jayla knows but, it's hard because she says a new one everyday. The lastest? ReRe. It means "raisins" for those of you that haven't a clue.
See? None of that is worthy of being the post to bring me back. But, it shall have to do lest Cecilia continue to harass me about updating.