Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Trying to finish what I started

So, can I just say that trying to go to bed earlier is making me more tired, it seems? I've been sitting here in front of the laptop for like 20 minutes with no energy to actually start typing...instead I'm watching my husband fail on the medium level of Rock Band guitar. So, ummm...I think I am at May (too lazy to check back and actually see where I left off)

May - Maybe I'm suffering from more brain cloudiness again (which I'm still blaming on the sleep deprivation) but, I really don't remember alot about May. I remember going to College Station for the last time on May 11. I remember that Jayla's last day of school for the summer was a the end of May. I remember that's the month when Jayla, Tamyra, and I went to pick strawberries. The other 28 days of May do not exist in my memory. (So, I just cheated and looked at my planner. I was right. May was fairly quiet outside of a couple of birthday parties and a garage sale and mother's day at Ragin Cajun. But, one thing that I'm disappointed that I forgot about - Motown and More Revue!! This was our 4th year in the row attending this show. We love it! Our girls love it! Last year Tamyra attended as a one-month-old baby. This year was the craziest, though, with torrential rains showing up at the beginning of the show. The four of us stuck it out, though, with huge umbrellas and lots of laughs. Just as the rain slacked off, Jayla and I had plenty of room to practice our dance moves since the less committed attendees had left when the rain got tough. The pictures below were taking before the rain came!)

June - We kicked off June with another annual event - our trip to Kemah to see the Friday night fireworks. We've been going with the same family since 2005. At the time, I was pregnant with Jayla and they were kidless. Now I have my two girls and they have two kids with one on the way. Each year that we've gone, we either have a new baby who wasn't with us the year before or one of us is pregnant. This year was the last year that we can fit in one vehicle. Their new baby is due right before fireworks next year so, we'll have to take 2 vehicles to acommodate all 9 of us!

Jayla also went to visit my parents in June. She gained 4 pounds in that 6 day trip so, my guess is that she spent alot of time eating. I've also heard stories of her having a blast at various museums and water parks and going to movies and basically having the time of her life away from her stuffy old parents. Jayla, Tamyra, and I also attended VBS at our church for a week in June. I actually had a fairly active role in photographing the kids each day to produce slide shows throughout the week. It was a really great week. Then, father's day and my husband's 33rd birthday. We celebrated at the Cheesecake Factory with my parents and other family members that happened to be in town that week for a church-related conference.

I also lost my wedding band on his birthday. And Jayla started her swimming lessons for the summer that day as well. That reminds me that both girls were also taking gymnastics throughout the month of June. We ended June (such a busy month!) with a trip to Atlanta for the 2010 Century Family Reunion! I look forward to this every year. It's like my non-negotiable trip each year. Atlanta did not disappoint. We had an awesome time visiting the city and our family (not so much of an awesome time on the Airtran flight that we took to get there but, I'm slowly getting over that).

I had intended to get through August tonight but, I'm exhausted. And I am just giddy as I reminisce about last June. I was having an absolute ball! Everything was so much fun. I need to end now, though, because I still have a few other things to do and I'm still trying to honor that early bedtime commitment. So, I'll be back later and will keep working on this series until I'm done. Good night!

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Julia said...

Ummmm, you know you haven't written a blog post since this day a YEAR AGO!!?? hahahahah!!! I need updates, since we apparently can't catch up on the phone!!! :)